Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good times are coming

The wheels are turning slowly at MGG headquarters but, rest assured, they are turning. Plans are forming, routes are being designed, recon rides have been booked in. We'll be visiting a new location for the next ride - think... north. We'll announce the details soon but, for now, just keep Sunday August 19th free.

In related news, the crew who brought us Dirty Gran Fondo are putting on another event called The Double Cross. It's down south at Kurth Kiln this time and they're offering 60km and 30km options. Dirty Gran Fondo was awesome - these guys know how to put on a well-organised event. The MGG crew will definitely be there to eat more sandwiches and ride more dirt. The Double Cross is on Sunday 2nd September. Sunday 14th October!

And, finally, the dirty meat in a gravel sandwich. The next round of Dirty Deeds Cyclocross is on Sunday 26th August. The last round at Darebin Parklands was a ripper. Mud, beer, frites, cowbell, what's not to like? Check out the photos on the Dirty Deeds blog and tell me that doesn't look like a ridiculous amount of fun. Sign up, get down there, get muddy.

So, to recap, here's your calendar for August/September :

Sunday 19th August  Melbourne Gravel Grinders #7
Sunday 26th August  Dirty Deeds CX
Sunday 2nd September Sunday 14th October The Double Cross

Rock up to all three and kick the arse of winter into next year!

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