#2 Finest Grind - Sun 10th April

Date : Sunday 10th April
Rego opens : 9:30am
Start time : 10:00am
Start location : The Basin roundabout
Finish location : The Basin roundabout
Distance : ~80km
Map : tba

Start/finish location

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Course description

This ride will take in some of the best parts of the Mount Dandenong area. It'll start at the base of the popular 1:20 climb but, instead of smashing out a hill repeat on the 1:20 we'll take the left-hand path and roll dirtways from the get-go.

Highlights will include Woolrich Lookout (beautiful views across to Donna Buang if it's clear), Silvan Dam and a couple of decent dirt road climbs as we criss-cross Mount Dandenong on the small roads. We'll also drop in on the conveniently located Cog Bike Cafe while we're out there - perfect place for a bunch of dirty riders to refuel.

Course recon and planning is still underway.

Check back later for more details.


  1. Awesome... right near home. Locked in.

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  3. Awesome ride, thanks for organising these. Cant wait for the next one.

  4. Had a ball. Thanks for the work involved in setting the course and organising the day. I hope there's more to come! Cheers guys.

  5. Hey, thanks for putting the route on Bikely. We followed this route on Sunday and had a great time. One suggestion: when routes cross over themselves or repeat sections like this, it would be much easier to follow if split into two pieces, say an "out" and "back" piece. Otherwise, each time you get to a bit you've done before it takes a while to work out which way to go.

    (PS: Do people *really* use cue sheets still? Ugh!)