#14 Keep it Simple . Sunday 26 April 2015 . Pakenham Station

Date: Sunday 26th April 2015
Rego Opens: 10am  
Start: 10:30am
Start Location: Pakenham Station (in the park opposite)
Finish: Same as Above
Distance: 85kms

Course Description:
The plan for this one was to try make the shortest simplest cue sheets possible, hopefully we succeeded.
Half of the ride is on the flat south of the Princes Freeway, the other half north in the lovely Bunyip state park area. You may recognise a couple of roads from MGG #12. Only one stop at Bunyip and that is also a bail out option (Vline station) if things have gone pear shaped. 

Not much climbing for a MGG ride, only ~700m and apart from one section all well graded, one little bit of single track to deal with, so road cleats are not recommended. Some of the roads in the first half are a tad corrugated.

And! there is a winery en route if you feel like a relaxing ride.

Like most MGG rides a CX bike with ~35mm tyres is reccomended, but a MTB will cope no worries, a roady with 28's will make it with some care.

The 8:38am Flinders St Station train will arrive in plenty of time to grab a coffe and snacks in Pakenham, if you miss that one the 9:08am will also get you to the start line.

As always cue sheets will be handed out at the start -no gps files, stick together and make it an adventure.

Update 27/4/15: If you missed the ride, cue sheet available here


  1. No GPS file, no ride. Bugger. Looks like I will never ride with you guys again.

  2. What, you can't ride a bike without a computer attached to it, ever?

  3. Can anyone let me know the distance to the "bail out / stop" at Bunyip in order to let a new rider know if it is within his limits???

    1. Hey, its 38km to Bunyip on the course, but the best riding is after Bunyip and there is no time limit so you can take all day.

    2. Thanks. That helps a lot for potential organisation.

  4. Replies
    1. about 50kms in from memory, 12kms after the stop at Bunyip