#16 A (Hurst) Bridge to Far. Sunday 29 May.

Date: Sunday 29 May 2016
'Rego' from: 8:30am
Start: 9am
Start Location: Hurstbridge Station
Finish: Same as Above
Distance: 85kms or 65kms

We'll explore some of the rougher, steeper roads and tracks around Hurstbridge and Kinglake.

Starting in Hurstbridge we'll wind our way west then up to Pheasant Creek, then either keep heading north to some nice tracks behind Kinglaker or if your doing the shorter ride head east to Kinglake and back down to Hurstbridge.

There is a bit of climbing ~1800m of up and it spots its very steep, but hey walking is ok!

Two good spots to stop, The Flying Tart Bakery and Shop at Pheasant creek at ~35kms and the Kinglake shops at ~60kms. It is a route with some quite rough, steep sections, so a road bike and road cleats are not recommended. A CX will get you though and probably be faster but a MTB might be more fun on the downhills.

If your training it get the:
7:18 from Flinders st station.

Alternately the ride out is lovely if your coming from the city. Follow the main Yarra trail to the bridge over the Yarra to Eltham, then the Diamond creek trail to Mount Pleasant Rd, then keep heading north on some gravel roads from Eltham College to Wattle glen, then main road it from Wattle Glen

As always no GPS file, cue sheets will be handed out at the start. Its not a race, stick together and have fun exploring.

Update 18/6/16:

Cue Sheets Here

GPX File Here


  1. sooo when GG organisers use the words "very" and "steep" in the same sentence I expect to be climbing a cliff face with my top tube clamped between my teeth..

  2. This is my first gravel grind. Should I bring food? Also do you guys do these on flat pedals?

    1. Hi, yes bring food. There are stops enroute with should shops but you'll want to carry some extra. And I ride clipless but you'll be fine on flats and people have done it before. See you tomorrow!

  3. Just FYI for late readers, the Hurstbridge line is being replaced by busses after 11am tomorrow, so you may want to save enough energy to ride back to Melbourne afterwards.

  4. That was so good. So good it doesn't even matter that my first Kangaroo & Wombat sighting were not live sightings. Great time.

  5. That was Brilliant glad took the MTB we turned left of kinglake rd went around the back way saw no others after here

  6. This was my first gravel ride, it was pretty hard core riding for me, but had a great time. Cheers Bryan

  7. Hi
    I was thinking to ride this route on Saturday. Would you be able to send me the cue sheet or gpx if it's not too much trouble ?

    1. Hi Jody, sorry probably to late but have just uploaded and added the links to the GPX and Cue sheets at the bottom of this page.

  8. Have you seen this handy GPS tool? It's been up on www.meadwaymedia.com all this week. What do you think?