#10 Night Grinder 2 - Sat 14 Dec

Date : Saturday 14th December
Rego opens : 12:30am
Start time : 1:00am
Start location : Hurstbridge train station
Finish location : Hurstbridge train station
Distance : ~70km

Start/finish location

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Course description


As the name suggests, this is a night ride that will occur on the night of Friday 13th or in the early hours of Saturday 14th, depending on which way you look at it.

We'll roll around the back roads and lanes of Hurstbridge/Arthurs Creek/Strathewen before tackling the big climb up Bowden Spur Road for the only manned checkpoint of the ride. There won't be any shops open at this time (i.e. in the middle of the night!) so we're going DIY - we'll have water, coffee, snacks and whatever else we can pull together to make the night special.

After leaving the checkpoint, it's straight back down Bowden Spur and into more back roads around Smiths Gully and Christmas Hills and then back to Hurstbridge in time for breakfast.

This ride starts at 1am (that's one in the morning) and it travels on mostly dirt roads - that means no street lights. Bring lights that you can see the road with! No dinky little blinkies, bring out the proper lights for this one.

You can expect to see awesome views of the city lights from Bowden Spur, lots of late night party animals like wombats and kangaroos, amazing country scenery as the sun rises and, best of all, even less cars than usual.

So much win.

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