#8 Fruit Fly - Sun 21st Oct

Date : Sunday 21st October
Rego opens : 9:30am
Start time : 10:00am
Start location : Lilydale train station
Finish location : Lilydale train station
Distance : ~75km
Map : http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/143074927

Start/finish location

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Course description
Starting out of Lilydale, we'll head straight UP to Mt Evelyn and then out into the rolling farmland beyond. Orchards, cows, rolling dirt roads, seldom-used tracks, great views of the surrounding hills. Beautiful country to be in.

After a refuel stop at Seville, we'll cut down to the southern end of Silvan Dam before heading straight up to Woolrich Lookout (more awesome views!) and then bombing down Silvan Road. Keep your momentum because then we'll climb Olinda Creek Road and wiggle our way across Mt Evelyn to hook up with the Warby Trail for a casual roll back to the station.

This one hits some great out-of-the-way spots and will take you past some awesome sights. Keep your eyes open!

There are also many bail-out options if you need to cut your day short.

Cue sheet

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