#5 Night Grinder - Fri 16 Dec

Date : Friday 16th/Sat 17th December
Rego opens : 12:45am (Sat 17th)
Start time : 1:00am (Sat 17th)
Start location : Hurstbridge train station
Finish location : Hurstbridge train station
Distance : ~80km
Map : http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/55843738

Start/finish location

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Course description

This is a night ride that will coincide (more or less) with the Summer Solstice. We'll do a grand tour of the area around Hurstbridge under the (almost) full moon and be back at the station in time to meet the early morning trains at 5:00-6:00am.

Subject to approval, there will be one very special checkpoint at the halfway mark where you'll be able to fill up on food, water, coffee etc. but there's a catch - you have to climb to the top of Bowden Spur Road to get to it.

There are a couple of important differences between this ride and previous MGG rides :

  • For this ride you will need lights - not little blinky lights for cars to see you, I'm talking proper lights that will light up the dirt road in front of you so you can see where you're going. There are no streetlights where we're going and the moon may be obscured by cloud.
  • This may end up being more like a group ride. Depending on how many and who turns up, we'll probably group together more so than in previous rides. Wouldn't want to lose anyone!
  • It's at night! This means you'll have to convince your partner, mum/dad, parole officer etc. to let you stay out all night and come home in the morning looking like a sleep-deprived zombie on wheels. Saturday morning's probably going to be a write-off so keep your calendars clear until you can catch up on some sleep.

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