Sunday, February 20, 2022

MGG #20 - A pinch and a punch

UPDATE: Get the updated route details! We had to rejig the course a little, sorry.

Date : Sunday 27th March 2022
Start time : 9:30am
Start/finish location : Hurstbridge Train Station
Distance : ~60km
Climbing : ~1140 vertical metres

RWGPS : MGG #20 - A pinch and a punch (UPDATED 20/03/22)
Cue sheet : MGG20cuesheet_UPDATED.csv

UPDATE: Get the updated route details! We had to rejig the course a little, sorry.

The last couple of years have sucked so let's rewind about a decade and do another MGG ride!

This one starts in Hurstbridge (at the train station) and is basically a big loop out to Yarra Glen and back. Simple.

There's awesome gravel, views for days, some sneaky cut-throughs (all legal!) and some challenging climbs, but none of them too long (and you can always walk the toughest bits if you want).

It's mostly beautiful dirt roads, a tiny bit of bitumen and a few small sections of singletrack and fire road. Bring a gravel bike or greater. Don't bring a road bike.

But most importantly, bring your sense of adventure and fun! Bring a friend, make a new friend on the day, if it stops being fun just make a bee-line for the train station, you make the rules. This is not a race, it's just an excuse to get out and ride with old mates and new and see some cool stuff.

This ride is totally unsupported. You're on your own. Be self-sufficient. Plan your day. Water and food at Yarra Glen which is about half-way.

The route crosses a couple of main roads (Eltham-Yarra Glen Road being the grossest) so please exercise caution. Watch out for distracted tourist drivers on the main roads and unsuspecting locals on the dirt roads. There's a lot of roadside singletrack in the area so if there's too many cars, maybe duck off to the side and see if there's a more bike-friendly option.

Anyway, peruse the GPX, study the cue sheet if you wanna do it old school (the cue sheet is generated by RWGPS so it might really suck!), soak up the flavours and start messaging your crew.

See ya there!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

MGG #19, Life's a Beach, April 18 2021, Frankston

Well, we're back! For one ride at least.

Come ride some gravel with old and new friends Sunday April 18.

Everyone is welcome.

Meeting at Leawarra Station which is on the Stoney Point line but a short ride from Frankston Station.

9:45am for a 10am roll out. (NB: no cue sheets provided, GPX file and Cue sheets for printing below)

Route is a fairly flat with one snack stop at Balnarring Shops. 80kms with 600m of climbing.

The route is *almost* an out an back so it is easy to short cut and make the ride easier if you want to.

Some bike path, some gravel and even a rail trail.

A bike with 35mm+ tyres would be best but a road bike with 28mm tyres will work fine if that is all you have.

Bring your swimmers and a towel if it's a warm day, we get very very close to Balnarring Beach

GPX file for GPS and Phones

Old School Cue sheets (can't guarantee accuracy sorry, they are generated from the map)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Summer of Gravel?

Apparently its the Summer of Gravel or something.

So to help you get out there we have collected all the routes in one spot, check it.

Have fun out there

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hard Yacka

Had a good time on Sunday? Keen for some more gravel?

Yackandandah Primary school is running a gravel grinder as a fundraiser, not bad.

11 October, 2015. 40km or 80km loops, $60-$75 depending if you get in early or not.

All the rest of the important details here

P.S. you could make an excellent weekend of it by riding the rail trail from Wangaratta (only 65kms)