Monday, July 11, 2011

MGG #4 is approaching

More details here.


  1. looks good, I'll be there. on another topic, I was ficking thru the flickr pics of the recon ride and saw the 'purple' bike had a fork crown mounted canti cable stop. can I ask where you got that from, bee looking for one for my CX bike for ages. . cheers, Mike.

  2. Woah, a Beastie Boy is coming? Awesome!

    But seriously, Commuter Cycles stock the Specialized fork crown hanger that has a built in barrel adjuster. I'd start there.

    The one on my (purple) bike is Tektro part# 1272AF / CAH59, not easy to find, you'll probably have to order from the US.

    TRP also do an adjustable one (

  3. Nice one boys, a pan-flat parcours across the wind-blasted dusty plains of the west. Really looking forward to this one and if it's blowing a gale a raining sideways it'll be even better!