Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Sunday!

The time for dirt is almost upon us.

It'll all kick off at 10:30am this Sunday at Hurstbridge train station. Register on the day (it's free) and get your map/cue sheet and we'll roll out at 11:00am.

Weather forecast is predicting 20 degrees and cloudy - perfect riding weather. Now's the time to dial in your machine - make sure you're able to carry water and food - you will need it! - and make sure everything's done up nice and tight because it's gonna get bumpy.

If you're catching the train out to Hurstbridge you've got a couple of options :

8:52am from Flinders St. gets to Hurstbridge at 9:58am
9:32am from Flinders St. gets to Hurstbridge at 10:38am

We (the organisers) will be on the first train so feel free to rock up early for a chat.

See ya there!


  1. Hi there.....
    Based on the flooding to some parts last night will the roads still be good to ride on?

  2. Sam: We're still going ahead at this stage, there may be some rerouting required, but we'll be scouting early tomorrow. Perhaps plan for some mud though.

  3. Thanks for a marvellous day. Great maps, great route, just superb. Can't wait for #2.

  4. I missed out on this one - so I did some solo catchup a few weeks back - such a fun circuit. They have started sealing some of the roads though, be quick if you want to catch the dirt before it goes.